The production line is equipped with digital and automatic machinery and the quality control laboratory also works under the supervision of veterinarians and chemists.

The products of the company include:

1.0.5%supplement for chickens
2. 0.5% supplement for breeders
3. 0.5% supplement for egg – layers
4. livestock therapeutic supplement
5. vitamin A therapeutic supplement
6. vitamin D3 therapeutic supplement
7. vitamin E therapeutic supplement
8. vitamin K3 therapeutic supplement
9. vitamin B complex therapeutic sumpplement
10. vitamin C therapeutic supplement
11. 2.5% concentrate for chickens

Raw materials are purchased from authentic German companies such as: BASF,LOHMAN , and Colin Chloride from MIAVIT and are used in production.
Minerals are purchased from Damyer Jame` Company which is authorized by Veterinary Organization.